Wholesale Distribution

One Bay Ventures offers focused, value-added distribution services to a small number of select brands. We specialize in providing retailers the ability to source brands without the stress of the high minimum order quantities and free shipping thresholds that typically come with purchasing direct. Equally, we provide brands the ability to service smaller retail customers without the burden of fulfilling smaller orders.

Retailers choose us because we provide them with the solutions and products that allow them the opportunity to grow their business and increase profits and enjoy:

  • Same day shipping
  • No order minimums
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Free shipping on orders of $350 or more
  • Ability to source multiple brands from a single supplier

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Brands choose us because we enable them to focus on innovating, building, and marketing with the confidence that their retail partners are being taken care of. 

  • Lead follow-up 
  • Existing retailer relationships
  • Accountability and open communication
  • Ability to service and meet the needs of smaller retailers

If you are looking for a brand looking for a distributor with a focused approach or a retailer looking for an easy-to-work with supplier, contact us today!

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Our Brands


100% Waterproof Case & Bags

Bandanna Co

Enduring Bandanna Designs


The Ultimate Hose Nozzle


Reusable Bags, Packs, and Facewear


Lightweight Trekking Umbrellas


Feminine Urinary Director

Honey Stinger

Honey-Based Organic Energy


Hands-Free Camera Harness


Watertight Hard-Sided Cases

To-Go Ware

Sustainable Bamboo Travel Utensils